‘Pokemon Go’ Causes Chaos As Ninantic Goes After Illegal Downloaders

“Pokemon Go” is now live in selected countries, a most fans are crazy for it. It games the gamer the satisfaction of catching a Pokemon in real life. However, Niantic have noticed that players from unpermitted countries are downloading the app and they temporarily shut down the servers as the studio attempts to distinguish the illegal players.

The games is meant to be only available in New Zealand, Japan and Australia, other than these countries the game should not be played. However, a APK file for the title was generated and made available to download and as a result people all over the world gained access to it.

Niantic had decided to lock down all the servers including those in the permitted countries as the servers could not cope with the massive numbers of people attempted to download the game from unauthorised areas.

The company along with Nintendo are advising illegal download to delete the as soon as possible and are reportedly planning to ban users and the respective account from playing the game.

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