Retro Games Fair Leeds 16th July 2016

Badfxgames visited the latest Retro Games Fair in Leeds on the 16th July 2016.
Its a short video but gives you an idea of how popular the game collecting market is at present.
At times the stalls were extremely busy and it was difficult to get a good look at the vendors wares as you found yourself “encouraged” along the tables by the dozen of so people edging their way towards you.
So little time to video what was on offer from the sellers, the prices were not overly cheap as the vast majority of vendors are resellers, the benefit of this is you can touch and feel the merchandise before you buy it and dont have to worry about your goods being damaged in the post like you could with online purchases.
A good day out with goods weather and a good deal warmer than the show earlier in the year.
We hope you had the opportunity to get what you were after if you went.

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