Zool Sega Megadrive 1992

Badfxgames dives into the past for some Zool lets play.
Quality and good fun and this one is another game i owned in a previous life and now own again.

[blockquote align=”none” author=””] Zool Sega Megadrive, Published by Gremlins Graphics Oct 1992
The game is a pure platform game, relying on smooth, fast-moving gameplay. Its protagonist is Zool, a gremlin “Ninja of the Nth Dimension” who is forced to land on Earth; in order to gain ninja ranking, he has to pass seven lands, beating a boss at the end of each of them. The game contains a number of embedded minigames, including several arcade games, a scrolling space shooter and a game accessible only by making Zool play a certain tune on an in-game piano or finding certain invisible warp points.[/blockquote]

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