Selling us your unwanted retro video games, consoles couldn’t be easier using our simple webform

We accept software and hardware for all of the formats available on this website.
This includes:-
Nintendo:-NES, SNES, Nintendo 64 (N64), Gamecube, Game Boy Original, Color, Advance, DS
Sega:-Master System, Mega Drive, Mega CD, 32X, Dreamcast, Saturn, Game Gear
Playstation 1, Atari 2600, Neo Geo CD, AES, MVS,

Old action figures from 80’s, 90s also considered.

All you have to do is fill in the contact information below listing all the items you wish to send us along with any pictures you have showing the condition of the goods.

The condition can make a huge difference to the value of your collection, we are paying more for items that are clean and complete, games with both the manual and box are worth more than cartridge only for example, but we will offer less for poor condition games or games missing manual or box.

The price offered depends on the condition and rarity, we will pay more for items in mint/pristine condition.

If you are unsure if we would be interested in your collection please email us at to check before you compile your list.

Submission Guidelines

Please read the following guide lines.

Making Your List

Please tell us the condition and completeness of the items.
Tell us if the item is damaged, is missing manual or inlay or is missing the box, this information is important when considering value.

If you have a big collection and do not wish to write everything down please send us as many pictures of the games and consoles as possible so we can make you an offer.

Making You an Offer

When we have received the information we will make you a cash offer for the goods.
Once the total is agreed there are several options to get your collection to us.

Most common is to send the items in a parcel to us.

As soon as the parcel arrives we either pay by bank transfer or paypal, or can send a cheque back to you, whatever your prefer.

We pay towards the cost of sending parcels to us.

If we offer over £100 for your items we will pay the full cost of getting the parcel to us.
If it is less we still pay half the cost.
This will be added to the cash total.

Goods paid for via paypal will be paid for as goods and any payal charges will be for the seller.

Bigger Collections

We are interested in big collections, in fact the bigger the better, but we understand the problems in getting larger quantities to us.
It is possible to drop collections off with us in Co.Durham by prior arrangement.
We can also pay cash for items delivered personally.
If you have really large amounts of items and you’re not too far away we can come to you and collect.

You Can Trust Us!

We are buying games and consoles almost daily and some customers sell to us on a regular basis, and some are just turning unwanted items into cash or are moving away from collecting.

We realise sending items to someone you have never dealt with before can be potentially a bad idea but we have been doing this for a long time.
We pay as soon as parcels arrive.
If you’re still unsure we can pay you via paypal before the goods are sent, items will be paid for as goods and any paypal charges will be for the seller to pay.

Or alternatively you can bring them to us.

So, have you got a list of items you want to sell?

Please complete the webform or email

Condition of Items

 Please check the condition of your items prior to the sale.

We purchase:
Media with slight scratches, as long as it functions properly.
Games or software with packaging that shows slight signs of wear.

We reject:
Copied media or pirated copies.
Media that is severely scratched, damaged and not in a perfectly playable condition.
Damaged, incomplete or uncleaned accessories.

Please upload up to 10 images (max 1.5mb per image)